The only pre-requisite for coming for a consultation is a willingness to embrace your own healing process and the commitment you make to yourself.

Initial consultation
US $100
With personalized recommendations
Follow up sessions
US $80
With updated recommendations
Weekly sessions
US $50
With updated recommendations


  • Tinctures
  • Flower Essences (Bach and a variety of Mexican flower essences)
  • Powders
  • Dried plant / herbal tea
  • Nutritional supplements

I see my service as a Naturopath in the following ways:

A compassionate listener.
An intermediary between the world of people and the world of plants.
An information source.
A guide.
A clear mirror.
A safe and loving support outside of the family unit with whom you can be yourself, without judgment.
A kindred spirit who leads by example in commitment to her own healing journey.

The Butterfly Transformation Plan

A Joyful 3 Month Commitment to Transformation!

Initial consultation

US $800*

Weekly follow-up sessions with optional Energy Balancing treatment.
Regular email support between sessions.
Includes 3 bottles of personalized Flower Essence Formulas (Mexico and US).

Note: A 15 minute initial call/Skype is required for us to make sure we are a match and ready to take on the 3 month plan!
* Payable up-front in full or by monthly installments. (*Savings of US $200).



951 110 1318

In Oaxaca

Melchor Ocampo 207
Between Hidalgo and Guerrero
Centro, Oaxaca



Local house visits are available by special request in cases of extreme illness or inability to travel due to disability.