Energy balancing


Energy, frequency and light

Science now supports what traditional healers have known for centuries - humans are made of energy, frequency and light. For many years I received treatments from energy healing practitioners whose offerings were an incredible blessing to me. Over time I learned from these practitioners, and eventually I felt called to offer energy healing in my practice.

An Energy Balancing treatment entails some or all of the following:

  • Balancing the energy field/aura
  • Clearing relationships cords
  • ‘Energetic tune up’ to remove blocks and open channels to more light/higher vibration
  • Channeling of personal guides
  • Intuitive reading
  • Past life clearing
  • Trauma/shock recovery
  • General relaxation and nervous system calming

Energy balancing is a beautiful part of the natural medicine healing process, and without a doubt helps to encourage a brighter and lighter feeling after each treatment.