Flower essences


Vibrational medicine

As Dr. Bach says, peace, joy, happiness and health in the human are a result of our alignment between our Soul and personality, in other words living in integrity - wholeness, the path of peace and balance. Hence why Dr. Bach was a pioneer in flower essence therapy, his 38 remedies being the primary flowers used in the basis of the essence formulas I offer.

However flower essence therapy extends far beyond the 38 developed by the visionary Dr. Bach. Every flower on our planet has a vibrational offering to us which can be accessed and shared through flower essence therapy. Here in Mexico, along with other flower essence practitioners, we have been creating a dispensary of handmade Mexican flower remedies. I have also been fortunate to get to know the flower essences offered by the Flower Essence Society (FES) in California, as well as Australian Bush Flower Essences.

Each flower offers an opportunity for the human to move from a ‘negative’ emotional state to a ‘positive’ emotional state. When these emotional states move to a positive, there is a natural alignment towards wholeness which leads the individual to a more peaceful state of being, and in turn, allows the body to also heal on the physical plane.

It’s easiest to explain the magic of flower essence therapy by using an example…

Imagine a wild sunflower blooming in the Mexican countryside.The orange-yellow leaves are bright and the flower heads move up towards the sunshine. The sunflower lifts his head and opens out towards the world, opening brightly and fearlessly, like the sun himself. As a flower essence, then, the sunflower remedy helps those of us who feel often times afraid to be ourselves, to shine our true ‘sunshine’ to those around us, because of beliefs we may hold due to our upbringing and the beliefs of our culture and families. Working with the power center, the solar plexus chakra, the essence of sunflower works to unblock any places of fear of being ourselves, living our unique soul’s journey and contributing our gifts in the world. The sunflower will infuse us with light in places where we feel darkness, and encourage us to be our unique, authentic, wonderful and honest selves. When we are able to open, we are able to give, and when we are able to give, we are able to receive and then we are in the natural flow of life. So, in the case of moving from a ‘negative’ state to a ‘positive’ state, the sunflower essence would be indicated for someone who matches these energetic states of being, at this time in his/her life.