Herbal Medicine


It's like matchmaking!

Herbal medicine has the incredible ability to simultaneously reduce uncomfortable symptoms while also addressing the underlying cause of any imbalance, promoting healing while also providing symptomatic relief. Introducing the right plant, in the right form, in the right dosage at the right time is like matchmaking! Plants, like people, are multifaceted and have many talents. It is the great honor of the herbalist to introduce the spirit of the plants to the spirits of the people and watch the magic as they work together to bring peace, integrity, alignment and vibrancy on all levels. Plant medicine works on all planes—physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Herbal formulas

Having trained in the English tradition of herbal medicine, after a consultation I recommend personalized herbal formulas usually including a few different plants in each blend.

I recommend blends of herbal tinctures (usually alcohol-based, some are vinegar or glycerin based), dried and fresh plant teas/decoctions, and powders/capsules or a combination of these, as I feel is right for you at the time.

These formulas are regularly tweaked and changed as you evolve and we meet for follow-up sessions.

In Oaxaca, I am making and dispensing my own handmade herbal tinctures, as well as working with the medicines made by my mentor Alison Bastien at La Victoriana in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico. We both use only the best quality herbs (most fresh growing in the garden, locally wildcrafted sustainably, or resourced as dried plants from respected sources) and we utilize the traditional folk methods of tincture making. I am committed to only dispensing the highest quality organically and sustainably grown herbal remedies.

Those based in the other countries will be guided to the right medicine suppliers as needed.