Did you know that your eye contains a map of who you are?

Iridology is a naturopathic diagnostic tool, which allows me to interpret your individual constitution as understood through the imprint of your unique iris. Iridology provides an assessment of what is inherited and what is acquired, and how tendencies to imbalances may be causing/can possibly cause dis-ease now and in the future. What makes Iridology such an exciting and useful tool in natural medicine is that our eyes provide not only a map of our physical bodies, but contain also an imprint of our ancestral line which connects us into the past and our heritage in a way which is more than just our ‘genetics’, but our entire heritage on the line of physical, emotional, and spiritual.

Prevention is preferable to cure, and iridology reading provides a picture of how to achieve not only current healing goals but importantly, how to promote and maintain wellness long term.

Chart of basic iris topography

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