Nutritional therapy


You are your own best nutritionist!

My approach to nutritional therapy involves working with you to determine what foods support your most vibrant self. Every single one of us is unique, and there is no one-size-fits all ‘perfect diet’. We’ll work together to find out what’s best for you and evolve what and how you eat as you continue to heal. I will help you tune into your body to learn how to eat intuitively and healthfully for your unique constitution and lifestyle.

The nutritional philosophies I believe in are simple:

  • The more whole foods you eat, the more whole you will feel.
  • Minimize your toxins and maximize your nutrients.
  • Eating mindfully, calmly, with gratitude and respect, is the most important step in improving your health and well-being.
  • Your intuition will always guide you to the right choices, you are your own best nutritionist.

There are specific foods which are used medicinally for certain health conditions/complaints, along with others which may be best avoided while you heal.

Through training and experience I can help guide you to the most nutritious foods for you at the time, and evolve your meals as you heal. Most importantly, we will work together to find a nutritional plan that is manageable and fits into your life, food which is tasty and keeps you thriving and feeling vibrant.

Despite our best intentions, it is common in our modern world for us to suffer from nutritional deficiencies. I may recommend short-term nutritional supplementation to address deficiencies if necessary.

The ideal is and always will be to work with whole food as a primary method of balancing, strengthening and nourishing you on all planes.