• "I had the pleasure of meeting Dana when she was passing through Nicaragua in 2013. My reading with her was beautifully profound and transformational. I have since enjoyed several consultations via Skype and continue to be impressed with the clarity and guidance they provide to me. Gracias Dana."

    Blue, Rancho Chilamate
    San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua
  • "I met Dana by pure chance. She arrived at my farm—Finca Esperanza Verde—while on her journey to meet the plants of Nicaragua. This young woman of many facets spent several days exploring the medicinal plants in my garden. She taught me the amazing ways we are all connected. She reminded me about the importance of asking permission before taking any part of a plant. Dana is a loving and compassionate healer. She can step into the realm of spirit with such grace and ease while bringing forth a powerful healing force straight through her finger tips... a true master at her craft."

    Vivianne Arango
    Finca Esperanza Verde, Matagalpa, Nicaragua
  • “A few years ago, on recommendation from a friend, I went to see Dana due to generally feeling tired and run down from a busy life in London. It was absolutely the right decision and I have never looked back. Together we investigated both matters of the body and mind and she quickly got to work on finding the right remedies for me. Dana's warm and energetic approach from the very first day really triggered a sense of positive change in me, which to this day I feel that I can still call upon when needed. Dana clearly loves what she does and I believe that's precisely what makes her as fantastic as she is in her field!”

    Chris Ostermann
  • "This testimonial is to publicize the benefits brought to my lifestyle consultations with Dana Kraft, especially for the problem of gastroesophageal reflux, which worsened by stress, through consultation and the treatment she recommended to me, I greatly improved my physical problems. Her classes helped me learn a lot about how to care for myself and have a much fuller and healthier life. The project that we created together, Healthy Cooking Class at Sazón, emerged through changes in my life, and the desire to convey that sense of being to many more people. Dedication and a desire to help others has always been a virtue to recognize in Dana."

    Carlos Moreno
    General Manager, Hacienda Labor de Rivera, Guadalajara, México
  • "Get a session with Dana!  If there is anything in your life that needs some clarity or shifting, look no further. Dana will help you to unravel the onion of yourself. The many layers that make us amazing and complex can also make us a little crazy from time to time. Sometimes all we need is someone not involved in our everyday life to mirror back to us and help shed some light on a situation. For me just stepping into a room with her or getting on the phone with her settles me every time. Dana provides a non-judgmental and safe space to work through whatever may be getting in the way of being your most vibrant self. The overall well being I feel after a session with her makes me want to share it with the world! Make it happen, you will not regret it!"

    Vanessa Pattison
    Founder and Director at Zen Yoga Nicaragua, San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua
  • "Dana has been to me the perfect guide to a healthier life. I am normally skeptical about any MD or therapist diagnosis but Dana gets to know you and you get to feel how she really understands you in almost every way. Hence her diagnosis comes from your own mouth through her questions and tools. Her practice reconnects you to your own healing powers."

    Jorge Catalan
    Owner, Tienda NaturaSMA
  • "I lived in San Miguel de Allende for several years, and was a patient of Dana there. The town had several excellent naturopaths and herbalists, but she was the best of the bunch. I got much better results with her approach, which emphasizes healing with food, herbs and flower essences. I experienced both physical and emotional healing. I much prefer this approach to taking a lot of expensive nutraceuticals (been there, done that). She is smart, knowledgeable, intuitive and radiant. And, in my experience at least, her interventions work. What more can one ask? I recommend her to all my friends."

    Craig Cerney
  • "It’s a lot of fun to have an appointment with Dana. It’s interesting too as she brings a lot of skill and knowledge to the table. She is both well-educated and intuitive. She knows how to observe and she knows how to listen. Her questions are thought-provoking and not always comfortable but those are the ones that will open your self-awareness. It feels like a journey of discovery as she gets to know you and you learn more about yourself. She will really look at you. She can read about your health and constitution in your eyes, face and hands. She has a great big pharmacy, the herbs from fields and forests of the world and the high-quality supplements that come from them. She has lived and traveled around the world and she has experienced and learned many things during that time. If you need a native earth goddess or a wild monkey god, she can give you that. You get poetry and love mixed in your medicine. Then you take it and you feel better, much, much better."

    Peggy Fisher
  • "Dana is a great healer. I completely trust her process and remedies because they work. She listens intently to me and my body, and draws on many modalities to uncover the root of the issue, seeing me as a whole person, not just a series of symptoms. She then offers the most appropriate effective, herbal and natural treatment that is tailored to me. If you want to get your energy and your health back, Dana will help you."

    Omar F
  • Dana Kraft offers an inspired look at wellness and an exuberance for her work unlike any I've known.  It's a joy to work with her.  Her own energy is a testament to her health and well being.  She listens. She asks many careful questions before forming an opinion and then, by making a few fundamental changes in nutrition and supplementation, helps you help your body to heal itself. I felt heard.  I never feel rushed. What stands out most besides her passion for her work is her vast knowledge of plant medicine and vitamin supplements.  We haven't had many good nutritionists here until Dana came offering a life change rather than a quick fix.  Most of us who come from pill-popping societies can grow to a new level of wellness and well-being with Dana.  She has a strong sense of community support and sharing and generosity as evidenced by all the energy she put into offering free talks on different subjects to help educate her public. She is positive and enriching, offering solutions that you can do something about other than take pills... like change your diet. She's a keeper.